Mini - Portable & Rechargeable Repellant using Herbal Oils

Rs. 2,740 Rs. 2,200
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Protects against malaria, dengue, chikungunya
harmless for people, pets, and the planet
Works in daylight as well as night time
Easy to setup and use

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Indoor/Outdoor Mosquito Repellent Effective 50-100 sq. ft. + 3 Refills 

Protects an area up to 50 sq. ft from mosquitoes and insects using essentials oils as natural repellants. It's totally safe for even little kids - this product uses no chemicals and produces a gentle and pleasant fragrance! 

In-built fan diffuses the fragrances of lavender, clove, and citronella and ensures the area is free from mosquitos and insects.

This works much better than solutions that you plug into a socket

The device is portable and chargeable and looks elegant in all surroundings.


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