Bronze - Indoor/Outdoor Insect Trap for 600 sq. ft. MT001B

Rs. 13,240 Rs. 11,470
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Protects against malaria, dengue, chikungunya
harmless for people, pets, and the planet
Works in daylight as well as night time
Easy to setup and use

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Indoor/Outdoor Mosquito Killer - Effective up to 600-1000 Sq. Ft. 

This device has 365nm UV bionic lightwave to lure mosquitoes and other Insects into the zapper. DC voltage is passed through the grid when mosquitoes or other insects come in contact with it. They get electrocuted and fall into the cage for easy cleaning at a later time. 

This is ideal for indoor as well as outdoor use, and fits right into houses, food outlets, restaurants, offices, hospitals, gardens, building complexes, etc.

This device - like all our devices - uses no chemicals, produces no smell, requires no sprays, creates no mess, and is totally pollution-free and harmless to humans and pets.  


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